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“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity”

Kenrick Ventures Real Estate Solutions

Kenrick Ventures is a full-service private real estate firm that provides comprehensive real estate and advisory services to its select clients. In contrast to other institutionalized platforms, Kenrick Ventures offers a solutions oriented, client-centric focus that assembles highly-skilled teams specifically tailored to obtain the best results for each assignment, partnership or investment. 


This unique approach allows for partners and clients to benefit directly from the extensive experience of Mr. Chalmers who is widely known for his expertise in management and operations of real properties and his involvement in large, complex lease and sale transactions valued in excess of $1 billion.

Kenrick Ventures is 100% privately-held and is not burdened with or distracted by the obligations, responsibilities or potential conflicts associated with outside ownership or shareholders.


Mission Statement

Create partnerships and strategic ventures with clients and partners that:

  1. Align interests and capital investments;
  2. Allow us to leverage our superior real estate knowledge, experience and skill set; and
  3. Result in financial success. 

Execute with honor, honesty, integrity and transparency. 
Develop and maintain long and successful relationships.